class ModeSolverMonitor[source]#

Bases: AbstractModeMonitor

Monitor that stores the mode field profiles returned by the mode solver in the monitor plane.

  • center (Tuple[float, float, float] = (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)) – [units = um]. Center of object in x, y, and z.

  • size (Tuple[NonNegativeFloat, NonNegativeFloat, NonNegativeFloat]) – [units = um]. Size in x, y, and z directions.

  • name (ConstrainedStrValue) – Unique name for monitor.

  • interval_space (Tuple[Literal[1], Literal[1], Literal[1]] = (1, 1, 1)) – Number of grid step intervals between monitor recordings. If equal to 1, there will be no downsampling. If greater than 1, the step will be applied, but the first and last point of the monitor grid are always included. Not all monitors support values different from 1.

  • colocate (bool = True) – Toggle whether fields should be colocated to grid cell boundaries (i.e. primal grid nodes).

  • freqs (Union[Tuple[float, ...], ArrayLike[dtype=float, ndim=1]]) – [units = Hz]. Array or list of frequencies stored by the field monitor.

  • apodization (ApodizationSpec = ApodizationSpec(start=None, end=None, width=None, type='ApodizationSpec')) – Sets parameters of (optional) apodization. Apodization applies a windowing function to the Fourier transform of the time-domain fields into frequency-domain ones, and can be used to truncate the beginning and/or end of the time signal, for example to eliminate the source pulse when studying the eigenmodes of a system. Note: apodization affects the normalization of the frequency-domain fields.

  • mode_spec (ModeSpec) – Parameters to feed to mode solver which determine modes measured by monitor.

  • store_fields_direction (Optional[Literal['+', '-']] = None) – Propagation direction for the mode field profiles stored from mode solving.

  • direction (Literal['+', '-'] = +) – Direction of waveguide mode propagation along the axis defined by its normal dimension.


>>> mode_spec = ModeSpec(num_modes=3)
>>> monitor = ModeSolverMonitor(
...     center=(1,2,3),
...     size=(2,2,0),
...     freqs=[200e12, 210e12],
...     mode_spec=mode_spec,
...     name='mode_monitor')




Ensure 'store_fields_direction' is compatible with 'direction'.

storage_size(num_cells, tmesh)

Size of monitor storage given the number of points after discretization.

Inherited Common Usage

classmethod set_store_fields(values)[source]#

Ensure ‘store_fields_direction’ is compatible with ‘direction’.

storage_size(num_cells, tmesh)[source]#

Size of monitor storage given the number of points after discretization.


Hash method.