How do I create a polygon?

How do I create a polygon?#



2023-12-06 21:58:10


Use the tidy3d.PolySlab object to create an extruded polygon with an optional sidewall angle along the axis direction. The polygon geometry is defined by the vertices parameter, which receives a list of (d1, d2) coordinates defining the geometry of the polygon face at the reference_plane. The slab_bounds parametere defines the minimum and maximum positions of the slab along the axis dimension. Set the sidewall_angle with respect to the reference_plane to create slanted sidewalls. In addition, you can dilate or erode the polygon by setting positive or negative values to dilation parameter.

vertices = np.array([(0,0), (1,0), (1,1)])
triangle = tidy3d.PolySlab(vertices=vertices, axis=2, slab_bounds=(-1, 1))