How do I get the monitor data at a certain index?

How do I get the monitor data at a certain index?#



2023-12-19 14:49:03

Data Visualization and Postprocessing

The simulation data is stored as a DataArray object using the xarray package. You can think of it as a dataset where data is stored as a large multi-dimensional array (like a numpy array) and the coordinates along each of the dimensions are specified, so it is easy to work with.

You can use the isel() method to select data at a certain coordinate index. For example:

# Run the simulation and get the data.
sim_data =, task_name="task", path="data/data.hdf5", verbose=True)

# Get all the data from a field monitor.
field_data = sim_data["field"]

# Get field data for a specific frequency index.
field_freq_3 = field_data.isel(f=3)

You can find detailed information about simulation data visualization and postprocessing in this tutorial.