What is a FlexCredit?

What is a FlexCredit?#



2023-12-03 10:51:02

About Tidy3D

FlexCredit is Flexcompute’s way of measuring computing power. It’s a unit we created to make it easier to understand and buy computing power.

One FlexCredit is equivalent to about 50 hours of CPU core time when using the traditional FDTD method. That’s the equivalent of running a computer processor core for two days straight, just for one FlexCredit! If you have 60 FlexCredits, it’s like having a 4-core CPU (which is a pretty powerful computer) running non-stop, 24 hours a day, for a full month.

This makes it simple for our customers and employees. Instead of trying to communicate in terms of CPU hours or cores, they just need to know how many FlexCredits they need for their project. It’s like buying time on a supercomputer but in a more straightforward, more understandable way.