Submitting Simulations#

Through python API#, task_name)

Submits a Simulation to server, starts running, monitors progress, downloads, and loads results as a SimulationDataType object.

tidy3d.web.api.webapi.upload(simulation, ...)

Upload simulation to server, but do not start running Simulation.


Compute the maximum FlexCredit charge for a given task.

tidy3d.web.api.webapi.real_cost(task_id[, ...])

Get the billed cost for given task after it has been run.

tidy3d.web.api.webapi.get_info(task_id[, ...])

Return information about a task.

tidy3d.web.api.webapi.start(task_id[, ...])

Start running the simulation associated with task.

tidy3d.web.api.webapi.monitor(task_id[, verbose])

Print the real time task progress until completion.[, ...])

Download results of task to file.

tidy3d.web.api.webapi.load(task_id[, path, ...])

Download and Load simulation results into SimulationData object.


Delete server-side data associated with task.


Download the tidy3d log file associated with a task.


Download the .json file associated with the Simulation of a given task.


Download the .json file of a task and load the associated simulation.

tidy3d.web.api.asynchronous.run_async(...[, ...])

Submits a set of Union[Simulation, HeatSimulation] objects to server, starts running, monitors progress, downloads, and loads results as a BatchData object.

Convenience for Single and Batch#


Interface for managing the running of a Simulation on server.


Interface for submitting several Simulation objects to sever.


Holds a collection of SimulationData returned by Batch.

Information Containers#


General information about task.


The statuses that the task can be in.