Can I import my own tabulated material data?

Can I import my own tabulated material data?#



2023-12-04 19:01:40


Yes, users can import their own tabulated material data and fit it using one of Tidy3D’s dispersion fitting tools. The FastDispersionFitter tool performs an optimization to find a medium defined as a dispersive PoleResidue model that minimizes the RMS error between the model results and the data. The user can provide data through one of the following methods:

  • Numpy arrays directly by specifying wvl_um, n_data, and optionally k_data.

  • A data file with the from_file utility function. The data file has columns for wavelength (\(μm\)), the real part of the refractive index (\(n\)), and the imaginary part of the refractive index (\(k\)). \(k\) data is optional. Note: from_file uses np.loadtxt under the hood, so additional keyword arguments for parsing the file follow the same format as np.loadtxt.

  • URL link to a CSV/TXT file that contains wavelength (\(μm\)), \(n\), and optionally \(k\) data with the from_url utility function. URL can come from refractiveindex.

This notebook provides detailed instructions and examples of using the fitter.