class DistanceUnstructuredGrid[source]#

Bases: UnstructuredGrid

Adaptive grid based on distance to material interfaces. Currently not recommended for larger simulations.

  • attrs (dict = {}) – Dictionary storing arbitrary metadata for a Tidy3D object. This dictionary can be freely used by the user for storing data without affecting the operation of Tidy3D as it is not used internally. Note that, unlike regular Tidy3D fields, attrs are mutable. For example, the following is allowed for setting an attr obj.attrs['foo'] = bar. Also note that Tidy3D` will raise a TypeError if attrs contain objects that can not be serialized. One can check if attrs are serializable by calling obj.json().

  • relative_min_dl (NonNegativeFloat = 0.001) – The minimal allowed mesh size relative to the largest dimension of the simulation domain.Use relative_min_dl=0 to remove this constraint.

  • dl_interface (PositiveFloat) – [units = um]. Grid size near material interfaces.

  • dl_bulk (PositiveFloat) – [units = um]. Grid size away from material interfaces.

  • distance_interface (NonNegativeFloat) – [units = um]. Distance from interface within which dl_interface is enforced.Typically the same as dl_interface or its multiple.

  • distance_bulk (NonNegativeFloat) – [units = um]. Distance from interface outside of which dl_bulk is enforced.Typically twice of dl_bulk or its multiple. Use larger values for a smoother transition from dl_interface to dl_bulk.

  • sampling (PositiveFloat = 100) – An internal advanced parameter that defines number of sampling points per surface when computing distance values.

  • non_refined_structures (Tuple[str, ...] = ()) – List of structures for which dl_interface will not be enforced. dl_bulk is used instead.


>>> heat_grid = DistanceUnstructuredGrid(
...     dl_interface=0.1,
...     dl_bulk=1,
...     distance_interface=0.3,
...     distance_bulk=2,
... )



names_exist_bcs(val, values)

Error if distance_bulk is less than distance_interface

Inherited Common Usage

classmethod names_exist_bcs(val, values)[source]#

Error if distance_bulk is less than distance_interface


Hash method.