class UniformUnstructuredGrid[source]#

Bases: UnstructuredGrid

Uniform grid.

  • attrs (dict = {}) – Dictionary storing arbitrary metadata for a Tidy3D object. This dictionary can be freely used by the user for storing data without affecting the operation of Tidy3D as it is not used internally. Note that, unlike regular Tidy3D fields, attrs are mutable. For example, the following is allowed for setting an attr obj.attrs['foo'] = bar. Also note that Tidy3D` will raise a TypeError if attrs contain objects that can not be serialized. One can check if attrs are serializable by calling obj.json().

  • relative_min_dl (NonNegativeFloat = 0.001) – The minimal allowed mesh size relative to the largest dimension of the simulation domain.Use relative_min_dl=0 to remove this constraint.

  • dl (PositiveFloat) – [units = um]. Grid size for uniform grid generation.

  • min_edges_per_circumference (PositiveFloat = 15) – Enforced minimum number of mesh segments per circumference of an object. Applies to Cylinder and Sphere, for which the circumference is taken as 2 * pi * radius.

  • min_edges_per_side (PositiveFloat = 2) – Enforced minimum number of mesh segments per any side of an object.

  • non_refined_structures (Tuple[str, ...] = ()) – List of structures for which min_edges_per_circumference and min_edges_per_side will not be enforced. The original dl is used instead.


>>> heat_grid = UniformUnstructuredGrid(dl=0.1)



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