How do I specify apodization?

How do I specify apodization?#



2023-12-19 17:25:24


Apodization applies a windowing function to the Fourier transform of the time-domain fields into frequency-domain ones. It can be used to truncate the beginning and/or end of the time signal, for example, to eliminate the source pulse when studying the eigenmodes of a system. Note that apodization affects the normalization of the frequency-domain fields.

To apply anodization, we first need to define an ApodizationSpec object and then add it to the monitor. For example,

# Apodization to exclude the source pulse from the frequency-domain monitors
apodization = td.ApodizationSpec(start=t_start, width=2e-13)

# Define a FieldMonitor object and add apodization to it
field_mnt = td.FieldMonitor(
    center=[0, 0, 0],
    size=[4, 2 * np.sqrt(3), 0],