How do I create a spatially varying material?

How do I create a spatially varying material?#



2023-12-05 19:33:11


When a regular Tidy3D Medium or a dispersive medium such as Lorentz is assigned to a Structure, the refractive index is homogeneous within the geometry. In some cases, such as gradient-index optics component and inhomogeneous doped structure simulations, a spatially varying refractive index distribution is desirable. Fortunately, Tidy3D supports both non-dispersive and dispersive media that have a spatially varying refractive index, and thus can help you achieve this result very conveniently.

The available custom materials are CustomMedium, CustomPoleResidue, CustomLorentz, CustomSellmeier, CustomDrude, CustomDebye, and CustomAnisotropicMedium. To create a custom medium, call one of the “Custom-” materials, e.g. “CustomMedium” for a spatially varying non-dispersive medium, and provide the related datasets. See this tutorial for examples on creating spatially varying materials.