How do I set the ResonanceFinder?

How do I set the ResonanceFinder?#



2023-12-20 18:38:31

Resonance Finder

The tidy3d.plugins.resonance.ResonanceFinder plugin allows one to find resonances and extract their information from time domain field monitors without the necessity of waiting for the fields to decay completely. The ResonanceFinder plugin needs tidy3d.FieldTimeMonitor to record the field as a function of time. Importantly, you should start the monitors after the source pulse has decayed.

After setting up and running the simulation, you should construct a ResonanceFinder object and then call run() on the list of FieldTimeData objects. This will add up the signals from all field time monitors included in the simulation before searching for resonances.

from tidy3d.plugins.resonance import ResonanceFinder

resonance_finder = ResonanceFinder(freq_window=(190e14, 210e14))
resonance_data =

The run() method returns an xr.Dataset containing the decay rate, Q factor, amplitude, phase, and estimation error for each resonance as a function of frequency.

See this tutorial for more details on the ResonanceFinder plugin.