class EMEModeSweep[source]#

Bases: EMESweepSpec

Spec for sweeping number of modes in EME propagation step. Used for convergence testing.

  • attrs (dict = {}) – Dictionary storing arbitrary metadata for a Tidy3D object. This dictionary can be freely used by the user for storing data without affecting the operation of Tidy3D as it is not used internally. Note that, unlike regular Tidy3D fields, attrs are mutable. For example, the following is allowed for setting an attr obj.attrs['foo'] = bar. Also note that Tidy3D` will raise a TypeError if attrs contain objects that can not be serialized. One can check if attrs are serializable by calling obj.json().

  • num_modes (ArrayLike[dtype=int, ndim=1]) – Max number of modes to use in the EME propagation step. The EME propagation step is repeated after dropping modes with mode_index exceeding this value. This can be used for convergence testing; reliable results should be independent of the number of modes used. This value cannot exceed the maximum number of modes in any EME cell in the simulation.



Number of sweep indices.



Inherited Common Usage

property num_sweep#

Number of sweep indices.


Hash method.