Documentation Release

Documentation Release#

The tidy3d-docs repository automatically mirrors the tidy3d repository. Specifically, these branches are automatically synced.

  • main

  • latest

  • develop

  • ‘pre/*

  • ‘v*’

These branches are synced to the tidy3d-docs repo through the sync-readthedocs-repo Github action. You can read the latest versions synced in the action file. However, you need to configure how they appear in the documentation build in the readthedocs admin page. Only latest is the public version, others are private.

The latest branch holds the state of the docs that we want to host in latest version on the website. These are the latest docs (including new notebooks, typo fixes, etc.) related to the last official release (not pre-release).

The stable version of the docs on our website is built based on the last version tag which is not a pre-release tag (no rc ending).

Hot Fix & Submodule Updates#

To make a “hot fix” (eg fix a typo, add a notebook, update the release FAQ), just update the latest branch in tidy3d repo. This should automatically sync to tidy3d-docs, and trigger a docs rebuild. However, we should avoid this as this will cause the ``develop`` and ``latest branches`` to diverge. Ideally, these hot fixes could wait until the next pre/post-release to be propagated through.

NOTE: To avoid conflicts, ideally we should only update latest by merging develop in it, or at the very least we should make sure changes are propagated to both branches.