How can I define a 2D material?

How can I define a 2D material?#



2023-12-05 20:06:53


You can create a 2D material using the tidy3d.Medium2D object. This is especially helpful for building very thin materials, like metal layers.

t_copper = 0.0001  # Thickness of the copper layer.
sigma_copper = 50  # Copper conductivity in S/um.

# Define copper as a Medium2D.
copper = td.Medium2D.from_medium(
    td.Medium(conductivity=sigma_copper), thickness=t_copper

Since the copper layer is very thin, we have modeled it as a Medium2D in this example instead of a regular Medium. This way, we do not need to use a very fine grid to resolve the actual thickness of the copper layer. The from_medium method is a convenient way to construct a Medium2D. Alternatively, you can specify the ss and tt parameters directly, e.g medium_2d=tidy3d.Medium2D(ss=medium_a, tt=medium_b), where medium_a and medium_b are of type Medium, PoleResidue, Sellmeier, Lorentz, Debye, or Drude.