How do I run the server-side mode solver?

How do I run the server-side mode solver?#



2023-12-18 17:33:17

Mode Solver

The following example shows how to create a mode solver object to perform optical mode analysis and obtain information such as mode effective index (real and imaginary parts), group index, effective area, polarization fraction, and field distribution.

from tidy3d.plugins.mode import ModeSolver
from tidy3d.plugins.mode.web import run as run_mode_solver

# Build the mode solver.
freq0 = tidy3d.C_0 / 1.55
mode_solver = ModeSolver(

# Run the server-side mode solver.
mode_data = run_mode_solver(mode_solver)

To build the mode solver you need to create a simulation object and a plane where you want to calculate the modes, as well as specify the mode characteristics and frequencies of interest. The results are returned in a ModeSolverData object. For more details on how to set up, run, and visualize the solver results, please refer to this notebook.