Which features can I use to create geometries in Tidy3D?

Which features can I use to create geometries in Tidy3D?#



2023-12-06 22:52:18


Tidy3D offers four primitive geometric shapes: Box, Cylinder, Sphere, and PolySlab. An extensive array of intricate geometrical configurations can be defined from these fundamental building blocks by manipulating their properties and hierarchical arrangements. For instance, our tutorials on the Luneburg lens waveguide size converter and the Fresnel lens showcase the creation of curved surfaces through the strategic layering of cylindrical elements.

Beyond the in-built primitives, Tidy3D accommodates external geometrical specifications in either the GDS or STL file formats, allowing users to import custom geometries created in their preferred design tools. Additionally, compatibility with external libraries like gdstk and shapely opens the gateway to even more complex geometric possibilities. Using gdstk to create various waveguide structures has been demonstrated in various examples, such as thepolarization splitter and rotator based on 90-degree bends](https://www.flexcompute.com/tidy3d/examples/notebooks/90BendPolarizationSplitterRotator/?__hstc=197414576.85a08fc595b47d0b94ebfa20ba44cd6d.1696006513341.1701896316776.1701901226721.28&__hssc=197414576.3.1701901226721&__hsfp=3209960735). Additionally, you can create complex geometries using the Trimesh library, as demonstrated in this tutorial.