How do I create field animations?

How do I create field animations?#



2023-12-19 19:35:24


Animations are often created from FDTD simulations to provide a more intuitive understanding of the physical phenomena being modeled. These animations can visualize the evolution of the field distribution over time, showing wave propagation, interactions, and other dynamic effects that static images cannot adequately depict.

To create time-domain animation, you can use the tidy3d.FieldTimeMonitor or the tidy3d.FluxTimeMonitor to record the time-domain fields along the FDTD time-stepping process. Then, use matplotlib’s FuncAnimation to create the animation.

Alternatively, you can also create animations from the Fourier-transformed fields calculated using the frequency-domain monitors by changing the phase parameter in the plot_field() function.

See this tutorial to a complete example on creating field animations.