How do I set a FieldProjectionKSpaceMonitor?

How do I set a FieldProjectionKSpaceMonitor?#



2023-12-19 17:18:12


A FieldProjectionKSpaceMonitor object samples electromagnetic near fields in the frequency domain and projects them on an observation plane defined in k-space. The center and size fields defines where the monitor will be placed in order to record near fields, typically very close to the structure of interest. The near fields are then projected to far-field locations defined in k-space by ux, uy, and proj_distance, relative to the custom_origin. Here, ux and uy are associated with a local coordinate system where the local ‘z’ axis is defined by proj_axis: which is the axis normal to this monitor. If the distance between the near and far field locations is much larger than the size of the device, one can typically set far_field_approx to True, which will make use of the far-field approximation to speed up calculations. If the projection distance is comparable to the size of the device, we recommend setting far_field_approx to False, so that the approximations are not used, and the projection is accurate even just a few wavelengths away from the near field locations. For applications where the monitor is an open surface rather than a box that encloses the device, it is advisable to pick the size of the monitor such that the recorded near fields decay to negligible values near the edges of the monitor. You can define a FieldProjectionKSpaceMonitor object by

monitor = FieldProjectionKSpaceMonitor(
    freqs=[250e12, 300e12],

For details, please refer to the API reference.