class PointDipole[source]#

Bases: CurrentSource, ReverseInterpolatedSource

Uniform current source with a zero size.

  • name (Optional[str] = None) – Optional name for the source.

  • center (Tuple[float, float, float] = (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)) – [units = um]. Center of object in x, y, and z.

  • size (Tuple[Literal[0], Literal[0], Literal[0]] = (0, 0, 0)) – [units = um]. Size in x, y, and z directions, constrained to (0, 0, 0).

  • source_time (Union[GaussianPulse, ContinuousWave, CustomSourceTime]) – Specification of the source time-dependence.

  • interpolate (bool = True) – Handles reverse-interpolation of zero-size dimensions of the source. If False, the source data is snapped to the nearest Yee grid point. If True, equivalent source data is applied on the surrounding Yee grid points to emulate placement at the specified location using linear interpolation.

  • polarization (Literal['Ex', 'Ey', 'Ez', 'Hx', 'Hy', 'Hz']) – Specifies the direction and type of current component.

  • 1. (.. TODO add image of how it looks like based on sim)


>>> pulse = GaussianPulse(freq0=200e12, fwidth=20e12)
>>> pt_dipole = PointDipole(center=(1,2,3), source_time=pulse, polarization='Ex')



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