class GaussianBeam[source]#

Bases: AngledFieldSource, PlanarSource, BroadbandSource

Gaussian distribution on finite extent plane.

  • name (Optional[str] = None) – Optional name for the source.

  • center (Tuple[float, float, float] = (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)) – [units = um]. Center of object in x, y, and z.

  • size (Tuple[NonNegativeFloat, NonNegativeFloat, NonNegativeFloat]) – [units = um]. Size in x, y, and z directions.

  • source_time (Union[GaussianPulse, ContinuousWave, CustomSourceTime]) – Specification of the source time-dependence.

  • num_freqs (ConstrainedIntValue = 1) – Number of points used to approximate the frequency dependence of injected field. A Chebyshev interpolation is used, thus, only a small number of points, i.e., less than 20, is typically sufficient to obtain converged results.

  • direction (Literal['+', '-']) – Specifies propagation in the positive or negative direction of the injection axis.

  • angle_theta (float = 0.0) – [units = rad]. Polar angle of the propagation axis from the injection axis.

  • angle_phi (float = 0.0) – [units = rad]. Azimuth angle of the propagation axis in the plane orthogonal to the injection axis.

  • pol_angle (float = 0) – [units = rad]. Specifies the angle between the electric field polarization of the source and the plane defined by the injection axis and the propagation axis (rad). pol_angle=0 (default) specifies P polarization, while pol_angle=np.pi/2 specifies S polarization. At normal incidence when S and P are undefined, pol_angle=0 defines: - Ey polarization for propagation along x.- Ex polarization for propagation along y.- Ex polarization for propagation along z.

  • waist_radius (PositiveFloat = 1.0) – [units = um]. Radius of the beam at the waist.

  • waist_distance (float = 0.0) – [units = um]. Distance from the beam waist along the propagation direction. When direction is + and waist_distance is positive, the waist is on the - side (behind) the source plane. When direction is + and waist_distance``is negative, the waist is on the ``+ side (in front) of the source plane.


>>> pulse = GaussianPulse(freq0=200e12, fwidth=20e12)
>>> gauss = GaussianBeam(
...     size=(0,3,3),
...     source_time=pulse,
...     pol_angle=np.pi / 2,
...     direction='+',
...     waist_radius=1.0)

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