2.6. User Defined Post Processing#

2.6.1. Overview#

Flow360 allows users to define custom fields that can be applied on volumes, surfaces, slices and isosurfaces alongside the built-in solution fields.

These can be classified into three families depending on what entity the user wants to postprocess

2.6.2. User Defined Fields#

userDefinedFields allows users to generate their own postprocessing fields of variable based on equations using internal solver variables. Those fields are then included in the output files. See this example of a total pressure calculation to learn more.

2.6.3. User Defined Surface Integrals#

The userDefinedFields functionality also allows users to integrate internal solver variables over a given set of mesh patches. This example of a pressure force calculation on a given subset of the body is a good way to understand the power behind this functionality. One could also look at integrated flow quantities across a inlet or outlet for example.

2.6.4. User Defined Monitors#

Using the userDefinedFields functionality, users can create User Defined Monitors that export a history of the evolution of a given variable during the course of the simulation.

Examples include:

  • Monitor the convergence of a force or torque on a control surface as the simulation progresses

  • Monitor the evolution of a subset of variables as a function of time in a time accurate simulation