2.1. Overview#

2.1.1. Meshing#

2.1.2. Modeling Options#

2.1.3. Turbulence Models#

  • Spalart-Allmaras (SA-neg)

  • Spalart-Allmaras with Rotation-Curvature correction (SA-RC)

  • Spalart-Allmaras with Quadratic Constitutive Relation (SA-QCR)

  • k-\({\omega}\) SST

  • k-\({\omega}\) SST with Quadratic Constitutive Relation (SST-QCR)

  • Amplification Factor Transport (AFT), laminar-turbulent transition model

See turbulenceModelSolver knowledge base and transitionModelSolver knowledge base for details

2.1.4. Boundary Conditions#

  • Freestream (with optional location dependent velocity)

  • Slip Wall

  • No-slip Wall (with optional tangential wall velocity)

  • Isothermal Wall

  • Wall Model

  • Subsonic Inflow (total pressure, total temperature)

  • Subsonic Outflow (back pressure)

  • Subsonic Outflow (Mach)

  • Mass Flow In

  • Mass Flow Out

  • Translationally Periodic Boundaries

See boundaries knowledge base for details