tidy3d.plugins.adjoint.web.run_async = <jax._src.custom_derivatives.custom_vjp object>#

Submits a set of JaxSimulation objects to server, starts running, monitors progress, downloads, and loads results as a tuple of JaxSimulationData objects.

  • simulations (Tuple[JaxSimulation, …]) – Collection of JaxSimulations to run asynchronously.

  • folder_name (str = "default") – Name of folder to store each task on web UI.

  • path_dir (str) – Base directory where data will be downloaded, by default current working directory.

  • callback_url (str = None) – Http PUT url to receive simulation finish event. The body content is a json file with fields {'id', 'status', 'name', 'workUnit', 'solverVersion'}.

  • verbose (bool = True) – If True, will print progressbars and status, otherwise, will run silently.

  • num_workers (int = None) – Number of tasks to submit at once in a batch, if None, will run all at the same time.


This is an experimental feature and may not work on all systems or configurations. For more details, see https://realpython.com/async-io-python/.


Contains the JaxSimulationData of each JaxSimulation.

Return type

Tuple[JaxSimulationData, …]