tidy3d.PEC = PECMedium(name='PEC', frequency_range=None, allow_gain=False, nonlinear_spec=None, type='PECMedium')#

Perfect electrical conductor class.

  • name (Optional[str] = None) – Optional unique name for medium.

  • frequency_range (Optional[Tuple[float, float]] = None) – [units = (Hz, Hz)]. Optional range of validity for the medium.

  • allow_gain (bool = False) – Allow the medium to be active. Caution: simulations with gain medium are unstable, and are likely to diverge.Simulations where ‘allow_gain’ is set to ‘True’ will still be charged even if diverged. Monitor data up to the divergence point will still be returned and can be useful in some cases.

  • nonlinear_spec (Optional[NonlinearSusceptibility] = None) – Nonlinear spec applied on top of the base medium properties.


To avoid confusion from duplicate PECs, must import tidy3d.PEC instance directly.