tidy3d.web.webapi.load(task_id: str, path: str = 'simulation_data.hdf5', replace_existing: bool = True, normalize_index: Optional[int] = 0) tidy3d.components.data.SimulationData#

Download and Load simultion results into SimulationData object.

  • task_id (str) – Unique identifier of task on server. Returned by upload().

  • path (str) – Download path to .hdf5 data file (including filename).

  • replace_existing (bool = True) – Downloads the data even if path exists (overwriting the existing).

  • normalize_index (int = 0) – If specified, normalizes the frequency-domain data by the amplitude spectrum of the source corresponding to simulation.sources[normalize_index]. This occurs when the data is loaded into a SimulationData object. To turn off normalization, set normalize_index to None.


Object containing simulation data.

Return type