class tidy3d.components.data.Tidy3dData#

Base class for data associated with a simulation.

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   "title": "Tidy3dData",
   "description": "Base class for data associated with a simulation.\n\nParameters\n----------",
   "type": "object",
   "properties": {
      "type": {
         "title": "Type",
         "default": "Tidy3dData",
         "enum": [
         "type": "string"


abstract add_to_group(hdf5_grp)#

Add data contents to an hdf5 group.

static decode_bytes(bytes_dataset) str#

Decode an hdf5 dataset containing bytes to a string.

static decode_bytes_array(array_of_bytes: numpy.ndarray) List[str]#

Convert numpy array containing bytes to list of strings.

abstract classmethod load_from_group(hdf5_grp)#

Load data contents from an hdf5 group.

static load_string(hdf5_grp, string_key: str) str#

Load a string from an hdf5 group.

static save_string(hdf5_grp, string_key: str, string_value: str) None#

Save a string to an hdf5 group.

abstract property sim_data_getitem#

What gets returned by sim_data[‘monitor_data_name’]