7. Frequently Asked Questions

7.1. Where are my AWS credentials stored locally?

Your AWS credentials are encrypted and stored locally (if you hit Yes previously at authentication step) at


For security, your password is stored as hashed value, so nobody can guess your password.

7.2. How to check my mesh processing status?

To list all your mesh files:

>>> flow360client.mesh.ListMeshes()

To view one particular mesh:

>>> flow360client.mesh.GetMeshInfo('')

7.3. My case is still running, but how can I check the current residual and surface force result?

>>> caseResid = flow360client.case.GetCaseResidual('')

7.4. How do I download or view a finished case result?

To download the surface data (surface distributions and slices):

>>> flow360client.case.DownloadSurfaceResults('', '/tmp/surfaces.tar.gz')

Replace the second parameter with your target location and output file name, ending with ‘.tar.gz’.

To download the entire flowfield:

>>> flow360client.case.DownloadVolumetricResults('', '/tmp/volume.tar.gz')

7.5. How can I delete my mesh or case?

To delete a mesh:

>>> flow360client.mesh.DeleteMesh('')

To delete a case:

>>> flow360client.case.DeleteCase('')

Caution: You won’t be able to recover your deleted cases or mesh files including its results after your deletion.